Red Rising: My pronouns are kiy / kin

Featured Image: courtesy of Neechi Niche art gallery

While I do identify with the feminine spirit, I also identify with the masculine spirit – both within myself, and throughout all creation. I use the term aabitagiizhig to signify a gender fluidity that exists outside the bounds of the colonial gender binary; a self-determined, resurgent gender, based in my own ways of being and knowing my gender. I feel that I embody both feminine and masculine spirit. How then do I move through these spaces and honour creation in ways that connect to the Two­ Spirit life that surrounds me? How can I navigate moving between these defined spaces present at water ceremony – between keeping the fire and praying for the water. Would I be respected in both spaces if I tried to move in a fluid nature through and within them, like the fluidity I feel about the space my own embodied gender takes up within community…

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