Exhibition Text: Wishes @ OBORO

Featured Image: Courtesy of Dayna Danger

Émilie Monnet, Dayna Danger and the participants who worked on Wishes / Souhaits are sick to death of your dehumanizing portrayals of their bodies and lives—quite literally, considering that objectifying representations of Indigenous peoples often depict them as reaching their inevitable end at terminal velocity. This is where Wishes / Souhaits begins. Émilie Monnet, Dayna Danger and five individuals who have previously used the Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal—Brenda Lee Marcoux, Gail Golder, Jenna Guanish, Violet Rose Quinney and Crystal Star Einish—sought to self-determine representations of themselves in empowered states through art. The individuals Monnet and Danger worked with wanted to present their bodies not as deconstructed and traumaridden parts enacting stereotypes of unending grief, but as sanctuaries and sources of empowerment instead.

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